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We know the rules are pretty deep and there’s a lot that isn’t explicitly laid out in our rulebook! This ever-expanding page is dedicated to diving deeper into the rules and answering some commonly asked questions about the game. Below are some mining tips, rule clarifications, and board setup examples…

Quick Gameplay Tips

Optimizing your gameplay.

always check your skills.

You’re crew skills might give you the edge you need! Remember to check your skills before completing any action. Basic actions are mining, navigating, battling, purchasing upgrades, purchasing new crewmates, etc.

Upgrade your ship early.

Ship upgrades and new crew members are critical to staying in the game. They give you extra bonuses to things like navigation, attack power, defense as well as other unique abilities. Use your extra resources to purchase either upgrades or crew members.

thar' be pirates..

Remember you can always try and steal resources from another player. If someone has the resources to win, take them down! Check your ATTACK power and their DEFENSE power, before engaging… You don’t want to start a battle you’ll never win!

Resources are key

mining tips


mine often

You can mine at a planet or asteroid a maximum of two times. Once when you land, and once before you leave.


planets vs asteroids

Planets and asteroids each have their own resources to mine from. The playmat shows what can be mined and where to get it.


mining rights

Whenever you land on a planet or asteroid, you will automatically have mining rights. In order for someone else to mine at that location at the same time, you must battle for mining rights. 

rule book help

rule clarifications

PG 1.

The 4 board pieces the rule book refers to, is a single quad-fold game board.

PG 5.

You’ll only need to roll a 4 to leave the space station on your first turn. Even though the board says “5”, you may move one space outward. We included this as a way to prevent players from getting stuck at the beginning of the game.

PG 13.

The only time you cannot battle on the space station, is at the start of the game. Once each player has left the space station(at the beginning of the game) the space station is “free game” for battle. A good defensive strategy is to reach the space station, and get “mining rights” before a player with the winning resources gets there…

rule book help

Board Setup examples

example 1

3 planets

2 asteroids

1 set of wormholes

example 2

4 planets

3 asteroids

1 anomaly

1 set of wormholes

Example 3

3 planets

2 asteroids

1 anomaly

1 set of wormholes

example 4

1 planet

1 asteroid

2 anomalies

1 set of wormholes

example 5

3 planets

2 asteroids

2 anomalies

1 set of wormholes

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