Crew Members

25 unique crewmembers: pirates, captains, scientists, miners and more!


30 mission cards with unique goals to race towards.

Planetary Resources

A 32 card deck of planetary resource cards(4 different types) to mine for. 

Spaceship Pieces

7 spaceship pieces for you to choose from.

Asteroid pieces

6 asteroid pieces to customize your game board with.


27 upgrade cards to mod your ship. Use these to turn the tide of battle.


20 anomaly cards to draw from. These are risky chance cards that can help or hurt you!

Asteroid Resources

A 32 card deck of asteroid resource cards(3 different types) to mine for.

Planet Pieces

16 different planet pieces to let you play in the galaxy you want. Customize game session!

Wormhole Pieces

2 wormholes(2 pieces each) to use as shortcuts throughout the galaxy.


About the Game

A space conglomerate-corporation is building a new dyson sphere in an uncharted galaxy. They’re looking for a “go-to” crew of mercenaries and pioneers and have issued a galaxy-wide challenge… “Bring us what we need in a timely manner and we’ll bring you on board! (handsome salaries and benefit packages included)”


Build a crew, mod your ship, and race against the other competing crews, to mine resources and battle your way to victory! This is an uncharted galaxy, so anything goes….

How to Play

Download a PDF version of the rule book!


Up to 4 players or teams can play at once.

A typical game session playtime is 30-45 minutes. Not including set up(about 5-10 minutes).

The game board is customizable in terms of where you want the planets, asteroids, etc. to be. And your starting crew is selected randomly from the crew member deck. 

Space Race: Rally for Resources is out now!

The game is for sale on Amazon as well as available on our online store.

Customer Reviews

“Love the art! very Samurai Jack... The gameplay reminds me of a mix of Settlers of Catan and FTL: Faster than Light..”
Austin Cummings, Host of "Another Nintendo Podcast"
“This game is awesome! I love how each playthrough is different.. The art is amazing as well."
Devyn Potter, board Game Enthusiast

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